What Buddha said about the creation of this world

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The Universe and everything that’s in it is controlled by independent, ageless rules. These rules have been in use for the immeasurable past and will continue into the infinite future. According to Buddha’s teachings, there never was a beginning; and, there will never be a final end. The Buddha said that there are at least a billion other solar systems like our own, and, as these grow old and perish, new solar systems arise. Buddhism believes that neither the world, nor the man was created by an external source; but, by the laws of nature.

If man is created by an external source, then he must belong to that source and not to himself. Buddhists believe that man does belong to himself and that he is responsible for everything he does. They believe that man is here today because of his own actions. He is neither punished nor rewarded by anyone but himself according to his own good and bad actions which is called Karma. The scientific discovery of gradual development of the world-system conforms with the Buddha's teachings.

But, Buddhists do not deny the existence of various gods or deities who are more fortunate than human beings who possess certain powers which human beings usually lack. However the powers of these deities are limited because they are also transient beings. They exist in happy abodes and enjoy their life for a longer period than human beings. When they have exhausted all the good karma they have gathered during previous births, these deities pass away and are reborn somewhere else according to their good and bad karmas.

According to Buddha, human beings have more chances to accrue merits to be born in a better condition and the gods have less chances in this respect. Whether they are great or small, both human beings and deities are perishable and subject to rebirth. worshipping and offering in the name of such deities can not bring anybody the final bliss, the Nirvana, the uprooting and final dissolution of the volitional formations (referred to as samskaras or sankharas), structures within the unconscious mind that are the cause for the material incarnation of the beings. The person who attains Nirvana is never born again.

May Triple Gem Bless You !

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