What is Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Networking companies, Direct Sales, product-based pyramid schemes, etc. It’s a flawed business model, and on top of losing money getting conned, you don’t want to risk your relationship and family as well. Many people keep defending that theirs is not MLM. Read first, with an open mind, decide and judge later. Pass it on. Thank You.

Multi-Level Marketing – Wikipedia

What is Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing – Introduction

What is Wrong With MLM – FAQs

Multi-Level Marketing – Why it IS a Scam, 99.9999% of the time! – Consumer Fraud Reporting

What’s wrong with multi-level marketing as a business model?

You can test on the company you join over at this site, they have researched on 300+ MLMs:

Extensive RESEARCH Reveals the Truth about MLM – Network Marketing

Some of the above links are collected here as well:

More Collections from MLM Watch


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