What Happiness Needs

Happiness Doesn't Need Beauty
Happiness Does Need Self-Esteem:
happy people like themselves

Happiness Doesn't need Status and Possessions
Happiness Does Need Loving relationships and Friendship

Happiness Doesn't need Fame
Happiness Does Need Optimism:
happy people have positive expectations

Happiness Doesn't need Wealth or Power
Happiness Does Need Purpose:
happy people should have goals and believe that their life has a purpose

Happiness Doesn't need Special Talent
Happiness Does Need A Job or Activities You Enjoy

Happiness Doesn't need Intelligence
Happiness Does Need Wisdom

Happiness Doesn't need Perfectionism
Happiness Does Need Realism:
accepting weaknesses and managing them

Happiness Doesn't need Conformity
Happiness Does Need Autonomy:
happy people resist social pressure, exert personal control,
and accept themselves as who they are


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