Ways to Save Money

Consumers are always spoilt with choices, and can get really overwhelmed by the variety and quantity available. However, there’s the simplest choice we often forget:Choose None – Make an Exit, Quick! I Don’t Need Them.


You see, most of the time, we Don’t Need a lot of things we “want” to buy. Watch this entertaining flash to feel convinced, and save your money for better use in the future:

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard
– A provocative tour of our consumer-driven culture.


18 Tips for Living Within Your Means

The first paragraph already catches my attention:

Live a comfortable life, not a wasteful one.
Do not spend to impress others.
Do not live life trying to fool yourself into thinking wealth is measured in material objects.
Manage your money wisely so your money does not manage you.
Always live well below your means.


Here’s truly something to watch out for:
25 Ways to Waste Your Money


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