Sharing a Poem about Silence

In Silence

There on a quest, a search for peace,
Apart from a world, no longer at ease.
The complications, turning one’s mind,
Restless and doubting, the truth hard to find.
What has always been there, so pristine and pure,
From the peaks of the mountains, and skies azure,
And the woods beyond, and the seas abound,
In silence there’s a world, a message in sound.
A journey of solitude, simplicity, that comes,
Remembering the beginning, when nature did dance,
Without fear, without pain, without sorrow that maims,
When the simple was lovely, where no greed would claim.
Deep and flowing, silence is gold,
When whispers of nature, is precious foretold.
The soaring of the spirit, the cleansing of the soul,
The wind and the waves one’s heart they call.
Away from the turmoil, one needs to depart,
One needs to heal, and find a true start.
Contemplate the future, remember a past,
Find one’s destiny, a great journey to last.



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