Enemy or Friends?

Source: http://utuhpaloi.com/2011/05/15/sparrow-cow-dung-and-cat/

Once upon a time there was a non-conformist sparrow. So steadfast was its conviction that, even on the onset of winter, it decided not to fly south like the rest of the flock.

Soon, the weather turned very cold. At last, the sole remaining sparrow reluctantly decided to fly south. Soon after, ice began to form on its wings and the poor little bird fell to the ground near a barnyard, and almost frozen.

The sparrow thought this was the end. As it prepared to take the last breath, a cow passed by and crapped on the little bird. The sparrow now thought this was really the end, but the manure, somehow warmed it up and defrosted its wings.

Warm and happy and able to breathe again, the sparrow began to sing. The barnyard cat, hearing the chirping, came to investigate. When the cat cleared away the manure, it found the sparrow, and wasted no time feasting upon it.

There are three morals to this story:

1. Everyone who shits on you is not always your enemy.

2. Everyone who gets you out of shit is not necessarily your friend.

3. If you’re warm and happy in a pile of shit, keep your mouth shut!


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