Sharing Poem: The Angels

The Angels

How often do we search where angels are

We then always think that they dwell on the stars.

In bright blinding light, they would guard our way

Whispering a message, both night and day.

With all the longing, we dreamed to hear

Their wondrous voices, we wished were near

And yet all the time, all the while, they are close

Only if we ponder, only if we choose.

Who knows when we walk by the bustling street,

True friends we have, are the angels we meet.

Who knows when we cross, the wide open field

A stray dog or cat whose heart is filled,

With pure love and goodness, an angel indeed.

Or the homeless man who cared for others more than himself

Or a person who lost all, and yet the one who gives hope.

Or a quiet neighbor, whose deeds seemed small,

And yet they together, have given their all.

How often do we see, the bleak picture of time

And yet amidst the darkness, there is light so fine.

Who knows when we’re caught in the cold pouring rain,

When someone steps in and feels our pain.

Who knows when we cry, there’s someone listening after all.

Whether it’s a furry or human friend, who sees when we fall.

There is brightness after all, if we open our eyes

Angels everywhere in their full disguise.

Hardships that life, would at times throw at us,

But in every way, there are angels that outlast.

Ordinary people, ordinary creatures, ordinary days

But with eyes wide open, are angels that stay…

Hearts that are true, hearts that are changing,

Hands that help out, hands that are for caring.

It is such a wonder, that the angels around us,

Are those who have little or at times have none,

Yet they give everything, great deeds they have done.



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