Prostitution is Rape

Sweden leads the way to successfully reduce prostitution in its country!

Prostitution: Causes and Solutions

Legalizing Prostitution – A Solution?


The Raped Vagina: A Military Prostitute’s Story

by Dr. Suki Falconberg (an ex-prostitute turned Ph.D.)


Suki Falconberg was raped and then became a prostitute. This book, which combines the personal with a great deal of research on prostitution and sex trafficking, is her story.

“Suki has been assigned a tough task-take a very personal horror and make it public in order to educate and heal. While there is no certainty that anyone will listen, one thing is for certain-a world without Suki’s voice will never change….She is a rare voice and those are the ones the masses generally try to hush…”
-Sammy Jackson, Emmy Nominated Documentary Filmmaker
(Eyewitness in Iraq, 2005; The Last Day of WWI, 2004);
Cine Golden Eagle Award (Japanese War Crimes: Murder Under the Sun, 1998)

“A brave book, emotionally raw. Suki deals with extremes of human suffering and torture, rare amongst writers….A must read for anyone who truly wants to understand what prostitutes and other trafficked people go through.”
-Professor Jennifer Bryson Clark, Chair, Women’s Studies, South Texas College

“After reading this book, you will never look at prostitution in the same way again. Since I myself have entered this struggle against human trafficking, I realize the horrible harm that prostitution represents. The word needs to be spread…this is what Dr. Falconberg is trying to do.”
-Jeffrey J. Barrows, D.O., M.A. (Bioethics) Health Consultant, Human Trafficking Christian Medical Association President, Gracehaven, Inc.

“Suki Falconberg’s terrific article, ‘”Freedom” to Rape Prostitutes in Iraq: Fun and Porn for the Boys,’ touched and moved me deeply.”
-Myra Adel, Miss Iraq 2008


Excerpt from Dr. Suki Falconberg’s Book

Prostitution, Sex Trafficking and Language

Personal note:

Ladies, don’t look down on them please, they are victims of rape! Gentlemen, please think of other alternatives (best is to abstain and control, too much sexual gratification leads to weaker health and early death – words of wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine), don’t encourage prostitution industry to go on, don’t cause any more pain to these girls.

Dr. Suki was raped into prostitution in the past. She is now a PhD holder, and just when you thought that legalisation of prostitution is to be encouraged, in reality, protitutes live life worse than hell….. welfare for prostitutions in places like Amsterdam? No way!!!

Dr. Suki wrote many articles about prostitution and rape, all are eye opener. I hope that we can help them one day!

My personal emails with Dr. Suki Falconberg – years ago

—Me wrote:

Dear Dr. Suki Falconberg,

Thank you so much for coming forward with your experience and enlightening perspectives. I have always wondered and questioned about whether prostitution is a must in every country to keep “rapists” at bay, at the expense of women who “work” as prostitutes. That kind of argument, I really don’t find satisfying enough because it involves sacrifices.

Now I know, prostitution IS rape! :((( No women should be put into this no matter what stupid reasons or justifications that are made to sustain or maintain such activities.

I will circulate this article to all my friends and internet friends, put on my blog, and hope that the message hits them, the way it has hit me!

I wish some kind of moral education can be designed to nurture the younger generation of boys and girls, so that they grow up with the correct and healthy mental and emotional attitude. I will keep this in mind and hope that I am able to instill this into the arts and education programme that I wish to start in my future career.

Thank you Dr. Suki, you are doing great! Please keep it up!

I sincerely wish that your heart and soul be released from all the pains and phobias, and be completely healed!

— Dr. Suki Falconberg Email Reply —


I’m so happy when people write me about my articles. It’s wonderful to know that people are reading them.

Thanks so much for offering to circulate my writing and for putting it on your blog. I’d like to read it on your blog—how do I find it?

It’s hard to convince people that prostitution is rape. I think I’d ask women who aren’t prostitutes to let me know if they’d like to have intercourse with large numbers of drunk men they don’t know. Or even one drunk man they don’t know. (A lot of men who go to prostitutes are drunk or half-drunk and so are rougher than they’d usually be.) I think that a lot of those women, if they thought about it, would agree that lying down under a drunk man you don’t know—without any kind of love or tenderness involved—is a form of rape. Also the prostitute’s body is so heavily overused that I don’t see how the pain can be called anything but rape.

Another argument the opposing side puts forth is that women and girls are lucky to be able to make a living selling their bodies if that’s all they have to keep from starving. They argue it is a form of ‘work’ or ‘labour’ and should be regarded as such. What they don’t seem to take into account is how highly exploitative it usually is. And I would say that any ‘forced’ selling of the body due to poverty is rape of that body.

Sex is not rape when the woman’s pleasure matters as much as the man’s. That’s certainly not the case in most forms of prostitution.

But I think getting the world to see that prostitution is a terrible thing for women and girls is very difficult. As you say, educating males from the time they are quite small to have more respect for women and educating girls so they will have enough dignity to at least fight against being prostituted, maybe that will help. If, as is sometimes the case, a girl simply sees herself as a body to be disposed of on the sex market so that she can support her family, she’s not likely to try to do anything else. She’s never had other options opened to her. If we teach all girls worldwide that they are worth more than this, it would be a start. What a nice dream.

Well, it’s a big problem that will only grow far worse before we can maybe do anything about it.

Sounds as if you are going to be a teacher.

Please don’t worry about all my ‘pains.’ I have to tap into them to write my aricles but most days I am a happy and fortunate person. As for all my phobias, well, I guess I just have to accept them and move on.

Please keep in touch, Suki


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